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#.The products of Tefal are various.


Let me introduce you to Tefal.

The goal of Tefal

Based on the core brand value of "making e
verday life more convenient and enriching
for consumers"
We are constantly striving to provide services.

  • Tefal's Innovation
    • Tefal's innovation never
    • happens by chance.
    • We know thant innovation
    • always starts from the
    • side of the consumer.
  • The promise of Tefal
    • Tefal value family
    • and the environment.
    • Earth to live with
    • We will do our best to
    • protect the environment.
  • History of Tefal
    • In 1954,Mark Gregor Arl,with the
    • advice of his beloved wife, used
    • the Tefalon coatings used in
    • fishing tackle in kichen frying
    • pans Tefal was born.

You can't miss history from many different stories

Reliable and safe products.

The world's consumers have to live together
To protect the environment,consumers should
There is. Pleasant and happy with precious
TEFAL is working hard today to spend time

The shop

Tefal is committed to repair.

  • Repairs easiry with 3D printing and
  • use the product for a long time.
  • Tefal will be able to repair
  • 3D printing
  • products in May 2016 to ensure
  • the lifetime delivery of certain
  • plastic parts.


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